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A humble start in the micro lending business environment with development of a Loan Admin system.  It was our first contact in the banking industry with POS devices, connecting to Boland Bank.

We developed a transactional system to integrate with Saambou Bank, managing their Personal Loan Payments as well.


We developed the core banking system (CBS) on behalf of our client to integrate with the banking system of Bank of Athens, including issuing of accounts, facilitating debits and credits, call center system and switching of card transactions and reporting on Intersystems's Caché platform.


The AEDO & NAEDO Payment stream was implemented on behalf of SureSystems (Acquiring Partner), SureBank (Issuing Partner) and Bank Of Athens as the Banking Partner. 

SOFTSPLICE started with web-based development and produced SureCollect, the AEDO & NAEDO interface.


The USSD Mobile Banking platform was implemented.

SOFTSPLICE also created and implemented a web interface for the CBS for the issuing of accounts, to obtain statements, do a balance inquiry and more.  This also includes FICA module, including the scanning and uploading of client documentation to the interface.


SOFTSPLICE provided our CBS client with a web-interface including an Online Banking platform. We also designed and implemented an AML module that was in line with the compliance requirements of the Alliance Banking Partner and the FIC Act.

SOFTSPLICE also completed a third party integration and WIZZIT International was successfully on boarded as a co-brand.

PCI Compliance on SureSystems systems and servers were implemented.

SOFTSPLICE joins the DebiCheck technical team at PASA


Re-branded to SOFTSPLICE (Pty) Ltd. Our slogan "software alchemy"  defines our modes operandi to the T,  "a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination"


The start of implementation of DebiCheck on behalf of SureSystems as a Creditor Bank.


Ensemble, one of Intersystems' offerings, was implemented as part of out product range.  With these new tools, integration became much easier, enabling several third party integrations for our clients.


SOFTSPLICE's next step forward was the implementation of several cloud servers.  To stay on track with the latest trend, Angular development was added to our suite of expertise, this is the new development tool for websites and mobile applications.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream

A dream you dream together is reality

 ~Yoko Ono

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